July 8, 2006

A Special Kind Of Horror!!

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Well, the title pretty much sums it up!! If you have any pre-existing heart conditions, are pregnant, suffer from PSE (Photosensitive Epilepsy), are prone to thoughts of gouging your eyes out, and/or are sitting somewhere that you cannot laugh or ridicule, you can still watch the video below…but consider yourself warned! Wow, this is like watching a washed-up actor trying to hold on to his glory of days long gone while either not realizing or not caring that the attention he is drawing is that uncomfortable laughter and ridicule with just a hint of pity…wait, that’s exactly what it is!

By the way, if Mr. Nowitzki is watching this, hopefully the joy of the video below will help wash away the bitter taste of the last 3 games and the 13 minutes of the game before that!

Some thoughts to ponder after watching the video (feel free to leave a comment!!):

  • Would KITT be a better singer or dancer? I’m pretty sure he could do both better than Michael Knight Mr. Baywatch David Hasselhoff, but which would he be better at?
  • Is Hasselhoff worse at singing that-sound-coming-from-his-mouth, dancing that-thing-where-he-moves-around-or-something, or acting being on TV?
  • Was that KITT’s cousin from Australia (notice that the steering wheel is on the wrong right side) or has KITT had a little work done since his days on Knight Rider?

Well, enough with the words – ENJOY…or GOOD LUCK!!


March 19, 2006

Gadgets In The Key Of “C”

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Tronical KnobEver on the search for ways to do less faster and better, I stumbled across a link to this site. This company – Tronical – has developed a kit that, when installed on a compatible guitar, will automatically tune the guitar in less than two seconds! Oh yeah, this isn’t limited to standard pitch (440Hz) or tuning (E-A-D-G-B-E)…so you can either get your axe back into tune after thrashing on it or change into an entirely different tuning and/or pitch. I do, however, see two drawbacks.

  1. No price listed…or in other words, go ahead and guess that this’ll be ‘spensive!
  2. It’s not gonna make you sound any better! When you hit the wrong note notes, they may be in tune, but they’re still not gonna sound good!

Update: Reading an article at Sonic State, Tronical plans to release this with an MSRP below $1k. Also, if you go to the Synthax site (the distributor for Tronical), you can find some additional of the same information about this product.

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