October 21, 2006

Scrybe marking Outlook off your Task List?!

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Wow, just watched a couple videos of an upcoming web-based organizer – Scrybe.  First of all, if you use (or should use!) ANY type of organizer – paper or electronic – you need to check this out!  I’d try to describe it, but you really are better off just watching the video.  If you go the site, there’s currently a similar demo video there too.  I just signed up to be notified of the beta testing period.  One parting thought, combine this with Google’s Gmail and their Docs and Spreadsheets, and you’ve got quite a competitive alternative for the average users to Microsoft’s Office!!


October 20, 2006

Fake Terrorist or die-hard Packer Fan?!

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Jake J. BrahmWell, as you probably already know, Milwaukee has been thrust into the nation’s limelight yet again for our beautiful (albeit sometimes poop-filled) lakefront, our striking art museum, our outstanding baseball team…who am I kidding, we know what sells newspapers! Yes, we are home to the latest cause of terror that swept has beyond NFL fans to soccer moms and soccer fans everywhere (‘cuz we know all true soccer fans abhor football!!). A Tosa grocery store clerk, Jake J. Brahm, was the author of a forum posting that threatened “dirty bomb” detonations at several NFL stadiums this upcoming weekend. Personally, I’m not sure if his “prank” was really the result of a competition with some guy in Texas or if he was doing his part to help the Packers get two weeks in a row without a loss!! Regardless, my legal advice to him would be to use the “I’m not a terrorist – I just play one on the internet” defense…or maybe that’s the defense he SHOULDN’T use. Ah, who knows?! I’m a Packers fan…it’s been quite a while since I’ve known anything about a good defense!!! Anyways, Jake has been released on personal recognizance and the date for his next hearing has not yet been set. So I wonder what grocery store this guy works at (please post a comment if you know!)…and I wonder how long his line will be at the store if he wasn’t smart enough to call in sick. ‘Course I’m sure his manager will know he’s just skippin’ work if he follows the news at all!

Update:  I’ve heard that he works (worked?!) at Outpost Natural Foods.  Can anyone confirm or deny that?

August 1, 2006

Writely Invites!

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Hey, I mentioned Writely in a previous post…and I’ve now managed to get into the Beta testing group.  Haven’t had more than 2 minutes to look at it yet, but if you have been waiting for Writely or if you go read about it and decide you’d like to check it out, let me know and I’ll send you an invite.  You can read all about Writely here.  To ask for an invite, leave a comment with your e-mail address…but a word of caution, type ” AT ” (with spaces on both sides) instead of using the “@” character so that it can’t be picked up if the comments are ever crawled.

July 9, 2006

Attention Couch Potatoes!

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Well, technically this is a side-track from my previous post, but it got so big it earned it’s own posting!

Picking up where I left off, there are definitely some new ways of getting your couch potato fix. If it’s Top Gear you’re wanting to watch, be prepared to do some work…here’s the formula: Your Show (in this case, Top Gear) – Commercials (okay, the BBC doesn’t have commercials during shows, but quit your nit-picking!) = (Computer + or(Windows Media Player + DivX Codec, VLC) + Monitor + Speakers) x (Available Shows + Download Tool).

So if you’re not up for all that or haven’t found the show you’re looking for, you could head over to iTunes to see if they have the show for sale…but you may want to check the Television Network’s website first to see if you can’t get it for free!! For instance, I watched a pretty good and funny new show last night (Psych – commercial is at the bottom of this post) and if I was telling someone about it that didn’t get a chance to see it, I could direct them to the show’s website where they can watch the entire episode…for free!

The shows from the aforementioned equation give you much better quality than the iTunes offerings and shows streamed online, but if you’re unable to watch shows on your computer (or better yet, display shows from your computer on your TV or projector), the standard TV experience is SO MUCH BETTER when coupled with TiVo!! In keeping with logical descriptions, TiVo is to DVR (digital video recording) what Kleenex is to facial tissue. While some may argue that Puff’s is better than Kleenex, we’ll still call it a Kleenex! By the way, did you know that google is now officially a verb?! Anyways, I currently DVR my shows, but I definitely miss the days when I TiVo’d (as in TiVo is the Puff’s of DVRs!). I won’t get into all the TV-viewing wonders of the TiVo way, but go ahead and google it…I’m sure you’ll find a ton of info!

Speaking of shows, my current faves include 24, Prison Break, My Name Is Earl, The Office (you gotta check out the online videosespecially the PSAs!), Scrubs, The Amazing Race, Top Gear, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, UFC, The 4400, and Psych. I’ve also had a chance to see (thanks to the equation above) a pilot for Rules of Engagement, but I’m not sure if CBS has picked up the show yet. I’m also on the lookout for two upcoming shows – Eureka and Heroes.

Well, that should be plenty of reading for you! Enjoy the commercial below and leave a comment with your favorite shows…current, past, or upcoming!

May 20, 2006

Let’s Kick This Pig!

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Well, wanted to set the table for a special guest speaker that you will find showing up in future posts to help out with some questions…Ask A Ninja! As an introduction for Mr. Ninja, I thought it'd be best to show his responses to a number of questions (about 27 of them…not that I counted!) that have been sent his way.

March 19, 2006

Free Software – Not Always Bad & Crappy

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As a word of caution, free software is USUALLY bad and/or crappy…but not always! I found this site listing “the best free and open-source software for Windows“. I currently use or have used many of the products on their list: Firefox (Web Browser), VLC (Media Player), OpenOffice (think M$ Office…without all the $$$), Audacity (Sound Editor), Gimp.app (image editor), and Paint.net (another image editor).

So that got me thinking about the other free programs I use. First of all, SourceForge is a great site that hosts a ton of free programs, but the projects range from abandoned to the idea stage to non-functional to crappy to okay to good to excellent…so explore at your own risk! Also, before I get to MY list, I do hafta acknowledge a good, free product from Microsoft – Windows Defender. If you read any of the articles listed in my blog entry for Vista, you may remember this being mentioned as a standard component of the new OS.

So here’s my addendum to the products listed above:

Well, just a few notes to finish this longest-post-yet. I guess I could’ve listed iTunes, but if you don’t know about that, I doubt you’d be here reading this blog! What you may not already know is that Writely is an online word processor which was recently bought by Google…hopefully it’ll stay as free and cool as it was before the purchase!

Microsoft’s New View On Life

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Windows VistaSo, think you’ve mastered Windows yet…or at least close enough?! Good, ‘cuz Microsoft is unleashing a new view Vista for your computer! In addition to the information on Microsoft’s Windows Vista Homepage, GameSpot has a good article on some of Vista’s features and Blue Blog has a video showing showing Vista’s voice recognition feature.

March 11, 2006

No Clicking Zone

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Well, didn’t really find much today, but here’s a link for a site that I found a while ago. It’s kind of a cool, experimental site that is navigated without clicking…well, except for the first click to enter the site. Not amazingly cool, but cool enough to be blog-worthy!!

Click here to visit dontclick.it

March 9, 2006

Remember The Good Ol’ Days?!

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Microsoft's Star MapBelieve it or not, the picture to the right is of one of the most advanced sites on the World Wide Web…in 1994! This was actually Microsoft’s homepage from April of 1994 to August of 1995. Click here for a larger view of the picture on the right.  There is also a link to an article (A Brief History of Microsoft on the Web) showing the progression of pages to their page as it exists today.

So, remember those good ol’ days? Maybe not as well as you think…’cuz in retrospect, they sure don’t look so good!!

Old Skewl Bloggin’

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The Amiga 1000This is a great page showing some what a technology blog would’ve looked like in 1985 running on a BBS. Don’t know what a BBS is? Well, yeah…good luck with that! This link might help you, but basically a BBS is to the Internet what the Walkman is to an iPod. Anyways, the link below is a fun flashback to yesterday with a bit of today’s flavor!

Engadget 1985

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