May 3, 2006

Mmmmm….Potato chips

Filed under: Food, Humor — rspellecy @ 11:07 am

So, I was reading the Sunday paper, when came across an ad for a new line of potato chips from Lay's…the "Lay's Sensations" chips. They have some cool sounding flavors, like "lime and cracked pepper." But then they had quotes from famous chefs, like Ming Tsai, saying things like, "A perfect match for your favorite wine." Really…So you're telling me that Ming Tsai, world famous chef, host of his own cooking shows on the Food Network and Public Television, is going to bust out a bag of Lay's potato chips before he heads down to the wine cellar to uncork his 1997 bottle of Chateau de Frou-Frou Fi-Fi????? I think a better add would have been, "A perfect match for your favorite soda," so that when I open a can of vintage 2006 Dr. Pepper, I can be assured that the delicate flavor of the Dr. Pepper will balance nicely with the subtle lime and pepper flavors (Oh yes, I am being sarcastic).


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