October 13, 2006

Coming Zune and Coming Soon?!

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Microsoft Z<p><p>unesWell, it’s been many moons since my last post…sorry! Not much time to write this post, but we’ll see how much I can squeeze in!

So what does it take to kill Apple’s monopolistic hold on the portable audio/video market? Well, maybe another company that knows a thing or two about monopolistic market domination!! Coming to store shelves everywhere in about a month is Microsoft’s Zune. I could go on and on about all the details you may, but probably DON’T, want to know, but instead, why not just read up on it here and/or browse the articles here!! And if you’ve got a spare $250 sittin’ in your wallet around November 14th, you can get first-hand experience. Also, not a bad idea to pick up as Christmas gift for this post’s author!!! Speaking of gifts, my gift idea for Spellecy is now on sale for $16.49…a great idea for any avid DVD viewers out there!!

Video iPod Mock-upOf course, for all you Apple fans and sufferers of Microsoft-phobia, the rumor mill is hitting a feverish pace with new, old, and recycled tidbits about a TRUE video iPod…as opposed to an iPod with video (that’d be the current ones for anyone new to this rumor!). This image is a verified and honest-to-goodness image of the Video iPod…as interpreted by some artist probably having no connections whatsoever to Apple other than his purchasing history!! Anyways, it pretty much codifies all the rumors into a visual depiction: full widescreen display, on-screen controls, and Apple’s rounded-corner goodness! Again, with so many places to catch up on this rumor, I’ll just point you towards one of my favorite sites for reading up on it…which would be here!


July 26, 2006

In love with the 80’s!

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Well, not only is the title a reference to a song from one of my favorite bands, but with yet another movie drawing on inspiration from the content of my formative years, the 80’s are lookin’ better than ever!! It looks like everyone’s favorite turtles may be returning to their roots in the original black & white comics that introduced them before turning into their more well-known cartoon-ish stage. You can read more about their history here, but the trailer for the new movie available at the official site here is what you definitely want to check out!!

TMNT Teaser Trailer

July 12, 2006

AARP’s Heavyweight Champion

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Rocky BalboaWell, at age 60, Stallone is coming from Camp AARP to show that Rocky still has the stuff of a champion!  I guess I should admit two things:  1) I’m gonna watch this movie; 2) he’d probably still be able to kick my butt in another 10 years!!  Regardless, click here to watch the trailer for the next Rocky movie.
Oh, by the way, you may want to brush up on your Stallone-speak (some would say it’s more difficult to learn than Japanese!) since Rambo will apparently be making another appearance next year!

July 9, 2006

Attention Couch Potatoes!

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Well, technically this is a side-track from my previous post, but it got so big it earned it’s own posting!

Picking up where I left off, there are definitely some new ways of getting your couch potato fix. If it’s Top Gear you’re wanting to watch, be prepared to do some work…here’s the formula: Your Show (in this case, Top Gear) – Commercials (okay, the BBC doesn’t have commercials during shows, but quit your nit-picking!) = (Computer + or(Windows Media Player + DivX Codec, VLC) + Monitor + Speakers) x (Available Shows + Download Tool).

So if you’re not up for all that or haven’t found the show you’re looking for, you could head over to iTunes to see if they have the show for sale…but you may want to check the Television Network’s website first to see if you can’t get it for free!! For instance, I watched a pretty good and funny new show last night (Psych – commercial is at the bottom of this post) and if I was telling someone about it that didn’t get a chance to see it, I could direct them to the show’s website where they can watch the entire episode…for free!

The shows from the aforementioned equation give you much better quality than the iTunes offerings and shows streamed online, but if you’re unable to watch shows on your computer (or better yet, display shows from your computer on your TV or projector), the standard TV experience is SO MUCH BETTER when coupled with TiVo!! In keeping with logical descriptions, TiVo is to DVR (digital video recording) what Kleenex is to facial tissue. While some may argue that Puff’s is better than Kleenex, we’ll still call it a Kleenex! By the way, did you know that google is now officially a verb?! Anyways, I currently DVR my shows, but I definitely miss the days when I TiVo’d (as in TiVo is the Puff’s of DVRs!). I won’t get into all the TV-viewing wonders of the TiVo way, but go ahead and google it…I’m sure you’ll find a ton of info!

Speaking of shows, my current faves include 24, Prison Break, My Name Is Earl, The Office (you gotta check out the online videosespecially the PSAs!), Scrubs, The Amazing Race, Top Gear, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, UFC, The 4400, and Psych. I’ve also had a chance to see (thanks to the equation above) a pilot for Rules of Engagement, but I’m not sure if CBS has picked up the show yet. I’m also on the lookout for two upcoming shows – Eureka and Heroes.

Well, that should be plenty of reading for you! Enjoy the commercial below and leave a comment with your favorite shows…current, past, or upcoming!

July 8, 2006

Walkin’ The Hy-wire

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Here’s another video for your enjoyment. Don’t worry, other than having a car that I’d love own, there’s no similarity to the previous post!! Given the reference to the RX-8 (okay, I guess the video has TWO cars I’d love to own!), the video is obviously not new, but the GM Hy-wire is a pretty sweet (working) concept! Not only that, but if you like cars at all, Top Gear is a great show from our friends across the Atlantic. Apparently, TG is working on an American-ized version for Discovery Channel. I first DISCOVERED (Get it?! Sorry…cheap pun!!) TG from the episodes shown on Discovery Channel. Of course, there are ways of watching the current UK episodes…but I’ll save that for another post!

One last side-track before movie time! Since we’re on the subject of cars, does your patriotic spirit urge you to buy American-made? If so, and if you’re in the market for a new car, the top America-made car you can buy is the Toyota Camry! If you extend that out to trucks, the king of the automotive hill is the Ford F-Series, but I’d recommend (since it’s not MY wallet!) the Saleen S331 Sport Truck. Basically, it’s an F-150 on steroids, HGH, and any other performance-enhancing substances available…except entirely legal!!!

Alrighty then…on with the show!

A Special Kind Of Horror!!

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Well, the title pretty much sums it up!! If you have any pre-existing heart conditions, are pregnant, suffer from PSE (Photosensitive Epilepsy), are prone to thoughts of gouging your eyes out, and/or are sitting somewhere that you cannot laugh or ridicule, you can still watch the video below…but consider yourself warned! Wow, this is like watching a washed-up actor trying to hold on to his glory of days long gone while either not realizing or not caring that the attention he is drawing is that uncomfortable laughter and ridicule with just a hint of pity…wait, that’s exactly what it is!

By the way, if Mr. Nowitzki is watching this, hopefully the joy of the video below will help wash away the bitter taste of the last 3 games and the 13 minutes of the game before that!

Some thoughts to ponder after watching the video (feel free to leave a comment!!):

  • Would KITT be a better singer or dancer? I’m pretty sure he could do both better than Michael Knight Mr. Baywatch David Hasselhoff, but which would he be better at?
  • Is Hasselhoff worse at singing that-sound-coming-from-his-mouth, dancing that-thing-where-he-moves-around-or-something, or acting being on TV?
  • Was that KITT’s cousin from Australia (notice that the steering wheel is on the wrong right side) or has KITT had a little work done since his days on Knight Rider?

Well, enough with the words – ENJOY…or GOOD LUCK!!

July 2, 2006

More Transformers’ News!

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The teaser trailer is now up at the Transformers’ site…nice!

Transformers' Trailer Shot

May 27, 2006

X marked the spot!

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Well, having now seen the movie, I've gotta disagree with the Tomatometer which has now dropped to 52%…but I admit my bias as a long-time X-fan! Anyways, the article referred to in my "Not so fast!" posting was right – stay for all of the credits. I'd say more, but I don't want to give anything away about the movie OR the extra scene…and I'm tired! Definitely gonna hafta visit St. Arbucks tomorrow!!

May 26, 2006

Not so fast!

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X-Men 3So if you're like me, you already plan on seeing X-Men 3 even if it hasn't achieved Fresh status on the Tomatometer…but at least it's not ranked as Rotten as The DeCeption DeBacle Code!!

A long-time fan of the comic, I was glad when the first X-Men movie was finally brought to life by Bryan Singer – the director of some great films including The Usual Suspects and Apt Pupil. However, the man who (thankfully!) convinced the top dogs at Marvel that the X-Men characters should not be brought to the big screen in their tight tights now thinks they're Super…as in Superman Returns!

So now we've got Brett Ratner directing the last third X-Movie. Talk about an upgrade in directing resumes!! Brett is the creative genius that brought us Rush Hour…and Rush Hour 2…oh yeah, and he's signed on to do Rush Hour 3…which may be shot back-to-back with (yup, you guessed it) Rush Hour 4!!!

Please tell me the Tomatometer is still at least at 56%…but like I said, we're gonna go see it anyways!

So finally, here's the "Not so fast"! According to this article at IGN, there's a reason (other than seeing how many goofy names and job titles are involved with the production of a movie) to stick around for the credits…and apparently it's not for any kung-fu outtakes. My Spidey Sense tells me that the extra scene may set the stage for this being the third, as opposed to last, X-Movie…can you say Wolverine?!

May 16, 2006

Unofficial Tranformers’ Clip…wish it was OFFICIAL!

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Well, here's hopin' that the Transformers' movie looks at least as cool as this! Not that there's much news now, but this site is a good place for movie news…and here's their page to keep up with the developments for the Transformers' movie.

More info about the above clip is available here.

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