October 13, 2006

Coming Zune and Coming Soon?!

Filed under: Entertainment, News, Technology — J Green @ 8:16 am

Microsoft Z<p><p>unesWell, it’s been many moons since my last post…sorry! Not much time to write this post, but we’ll see how much I can squeeze in!

So what does it take to kill Apple’s monopolistic hold on the portable audio/video market? Well, maybe another company that knows a thing or two about monopolistic market domination!! Coming to store shelves everywhere in about a month is Microsoft’s Zune. I could go on and on about all the details you may, but probably DON’T, want to know, but instead, why not just read up on it here and/or browse the articles here!! And if you’ve got a spare $250 sittin’ in your wallet around November 14th, you can get first-hand experience. Also, not a bad idea to pick up as Christmas gift for this post’s author!!! Speaking of gifts, my gift idea for Spellecy is now on sale for $16.49…a great idea for any avid DVD viewers out there!!

Video iPod Mock-upOf course, for all you Apple fans and sufferers of Microsoft-phobia, the rumor mill is hitting a feverish pace with new, old, and recycled tidbits about a TRUE video iPod…as opposed to an iPod with video (that’d be the current ones for anyone new to this rumor!). This image is a verified and honest-to-goodness image of the Video iPod…as interpreted by some artist probably having no connections whatsoever to Apple other than his purchasing history!! Anyways, it pretty much codifies all the rumors into a visual depiction: full widescreen display, on-screen controls, and Apple’s rounded-corner goodness! Again, with so many places to catch up on this rumor, I’ll just point you towards one of my favorite sites for reading up on it…which would be here!


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