July 9, 2006

Attention Couch Potatoes!

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Well, technically this is a side-track from my previous post, but it got so big it earned it’s own posting!

Picking up where I left off, there are definitely some new ways of getting your couch potato fix. If it’s Top Gear you’re wanting to watch, be prepared to do some work…here’s the formula: Your Show (in this case, Top Gear) – Commercials (okay, the BBC doesn’t have commercials during shows, but quit your nit-picking!) = (Computer + or(Windows Media Player + DivX Codec, VLC) + Monitor + Speakers) x (Available Shows + Download Tool).

So if you’re not up for all that or haven’t found the show you’re looking for, you could head over to iTunes to see if they have the show for sale…but you may want to check the Television Network’s website first to see if you can’t get it for free!! For instance, I watched a pretty good and funny new show last night (Psych – commercial is at the bottom of this post) and if I was telling someone about it that didn’t get a chance to see it, I could direct them to the show’s website where they can watch the entire episode…for free!

The shows from the aforementioned equation give you much better quality than the iTunes offerings and shows streamed online, but if you’re unable to watch shows on your computer (or better yet, display shows from your computer on your TV or projector), the standard TV experience is SO MUCH BETTER when coupled with TiVo!! In keeping with logical descriptions, TiVo is to DVR (digital video recording) what Kleenex is to facial tissue. While some may argue that Puff’s is better than Kleenex, we’ll still call it a Kleenex! By the way, did you know that google is now officially a verb?! Anyways, I currently DVR my shows, but I definitely miss the days when I TiVo’d (as in TiVo is the Puff’s of DVRs!). I won’t get into all the TV-viewing wonders of the TiVo way, but go ahead and google it…I’m sure you’ll find a ton of info!

Speaking of shows, my current faves include 24, Prison Break, My Name Is Earl, The Office (you gotta check out the online videosespecially the PSAs!), Scrubs, The Amazing Race, Top Gear, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, UFC, The 4400, and Psych. I’ve also had a chance to see (thanks to the equation above) a pilot for Rules of Engagement, but I’m not sure if CBS has picked up the show yet. I’m also on the lookout for two upcoming shows – Eureka and Heroes.

Well, that should be plenty of reading for you! Enjoy the commercial below and leave a comment with your favorite shows…current, past, or upcoming!


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