May 26, 2006

Not so fast!

Filed under: Entertainment — J Green @ 12:29 am

X-Men 3So if you're like me, you already plan on seeing X-Men 3 even if it hasn't achieved Fresh status on the Tomatometer…but at least it's not ranked as Rotten as The DeCeption DeBacle Code!!

A long-time fan of the comic, I was glad when the first X-Men movie was finally brought to life by Bryan Singer – the director of some great films including The Usual Suspects and Apt Pupil. However, the man who (thankfully!) convinced the top dogs at Marvel that the X-Men characters should not be brought to the big screen in their tight tights now thinks they're Super…as in Superman Returns!

So now we've got Brett Ratner directing the last third X-Movie. Talk about an upgrade in directing resumes!! Brett is the creative genius that brought us Rush Hour…and Rush Hour 2…oh yeah, and he's signed on to do Rush Hour 3…which may be shot back-to-back with (yup, you guessed it) Rush Hour 4!!!

Please tell me the Tomatometer is still at least at 56%…but like I said, we're gonna go see it anyways!

So finally, here's the "Not so fast"! According to this article at IGN, there's a reason (other than seeing how many goofy names and job titles are involved with the production of a movie) to stick around for the credits…and apparently it's not for any kung-fu outtakes. My Spidey Sense tells me that the extra scene may set the stage for this being the third, as opposed to last, X-Movie…can you say Wolverine?!


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