May 13, 2006

The true cost of obesity

Filed under: Humor — rspellecy @ 12:24 pm

So, we all know Americans are fat. And according to the above chart, we are just getting fatter. And sure, we can cite study after study about how white, middle-aged Americans are less healthy that our white, middle-aged British counterparts (oh…and we pay twice as much for our health-care, to no avail), which is linked in part to obesity (JAMA, May 2, 2006). And sure, we are trying to fix it, by taking soda (or pop, depending on where you live) out of the schools. But I guess I never really realized the true impact of obesity today.

My wife and son and I had lunch at Bella's Fat Cat, a burger and custard place in Milwaukee. Now, I like to be fairly close to the table when I eat. I have noticed over the past year or so though, that the table is getting farther and farther away from me at restaurants when I sit in a booth. If I am at a regular table, I can always move the chair closer, but in a booth, the distance is fixed, and the distance is growing! Believe me, I'm not losing weight. Restaurants are extending the distance between tables and bench-style seats in order to accommodate our ever-expanding waistlines. This folks, is the true tragedy in America's obesity epidemic. Not rising health care costs, disability stemming from type II diabetes and the like. No…it is the tragedy that people like me face, and the realization that someday soon, I will have to buy an extend-able fork or give up on booths altogether.


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